Sunday, January 25, 2009

'Going Green' with plastic?

Whoever came up with the "Going Green" ad campaign is a pure genius. Wait did I say ad campaign? Of course I did. It's a fad, a trend. That's it. "Going green" is like a fashion statement. People will buy more 'green' products if it's the cool thing to do. Now, there's an entire market of 'green' things. And most of these items cost some more as well.

If you say "Oh, we should all 'Go green.'" do you really have any idea what you're talking about? Just jumping on the bandwagon of all those other people who 'care for the environment.'

Example: I was in Target the other day and was looking at the cleaning supplies. Of course there was a bottle that claimed to be 'green.' I think the bottle was even called 'Going Green.' (I know this 'going green' is a little redundant.) But behold, the product was in a PLASTIC bottle. Not an earth friendly biodegradable bottle. No, it was petroleum based plastic.

A bit hypocritical. But the bottle said the cleaning ingredients were 'green.' But yet that person who is jumping on the bandwagon is more than likely going to pick up that 'green' cleaning solution and not even think twice. Only because it has the phrase "Going green" on it. And they're paying more. Ad person: Genius.

Lake Superior State University gives a list each year of the most overused words. And guess what made the 2008 list? Yup, that's right 'green' or 'going green', etc. There are also fun ones like 'maverick' and 'bailout' that are on the list.

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  1. Go Green! Oh, I said that because I work at Mich. St. University, and we're green and white.

    But you're right, it's all marketing now.

    But hey! It could be worse! Like marketing cigarettes, or Big Macs, or something else not good for you.

    I so agree with you about plastic bottles. I should make my own cleaning solutions at home, but I am lazy.