Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dream Interpretations

So I have this thing with dreaming about horrific weather. No joke. I've dreamt probably in the last year (from what I can remember) about 3 tornadoes, 2 volcanoes, and my street being completely flooded. I don't know what my issue with weather is. Seriously. And these dreams are the ones that are the most vivid.

So last night I dreamt about a tornado. Shocker. I'm at a restaurant with my family in Iowa. Don't ask me how I knew it was Iowa, I just knew. So, it's this Joe's Crab Shack kind of a resaturant (sans seafood). The waiters and waitresses are dancing and entertaining the guests. I look out the window, which is floor to ceiling, and see about 20 funnel clouds. No biggie. In fact my aunt even comments on how cool they look. Okay, so we're looking out the window but there's no scenery. Just a flat piece of land with a grey, fog-like sky.

These funnel clouds begin to come closer and end up becoming tornadoes. My family finally realizes that these tornadoes are coming towards us. So we quickly get up and walk towards the center of the restaurant and ask one of the waiters if there is anywhere for us to bunker down for the tornadoes coming. The waiter nods, we walk into the kitchen and then I'm woken up by my cell phone.

Okay, so let's interpret this. I typed 'dream interpretation' into Yahoo and picked the first site that came up, ( so who knows how scientific this is.

Tornado: 'You are experiencing extreme emotional outbursts.'
Yes, I am experiencing an emotional outburst towards this interpretation.

Several Tornadoes: represents those in your life who have mood swings and can have violent outbursts.
If by violent you mean, throwing Tupperware.

Restaurant: Either I need 'emotional nourishment' or I have many choices in my life I need to make and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.
True. There are several times I feel overwhelmed by 'life choices.' Touché.

Family: Either there is rivlary in my family or they are a sense of a security. I might also be overly dependent on my family.
I'm not overly dependent on my family, I just fear becoming overly dependent on them.

Score for Dream Interpretation: 2 out of 4. 50%. .500 in baseball (which is nearly impossible.) But that's not the point. It's still half. Fail.
I might have to research a little further next time I need my dreams interpreted.

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  1. Hahaha.... sounds like you are desperate for attention, missing something in your life, and lonely.... All that from a monster tornado!

    I can't imagine how they interpret sexual dreams... "By having sex with someone in a dream, it means you are actually wanting to hump a dog. Not a person like in the dream, but a canine. Probably something tiny, like a teacup chihuahua."