Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The beginning

My goal: To actually continually write and keep up with this blog.
My issue: It hasn't happened. I just always stop writing.

I don't know why. It just always happened. And I'm sure people aren't interested to know what goes on in my mundane life day in and day out. I'm really not trying to blow anybody's mind but if your mind does get blown, I apologize. It was not part of the plan.
So let's make this interesting or make our best efforts in doing so.

A bit about myself. I graduated with a bachelor's in communication with an emphasis in journalism. So I guess you could say writing is my forte, but not in an article-writing, fact-checking sort of way. Maybe that's why I'm not a journalist. It's just not my type of writing.

I am always trying to find myself. I am on my way of knowing who I am but there are still bits missing. I am creative and at times witty but I'm not sure how it translates on the page. I guess I'll find out.

And with that, I'll think about what I'll write about tomorrow and if I do write tomorrow it will be an improvement from my other failed daily blog excursions.

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  1. Umm... yeah... I think I have started about a million blogs and only posted like 5 times in each of them and then forgot about them.... lol!!!