Monday, February 2, 2009

Random goals and a short story

Some random things I want to do in my lifetime.

Participate in an archeological dig.

Write a novel.

Visit each continent at least once.

Get my Masters. (the field is yet to be determined)

Learn to surf.

Go backpacking.

Stay at an incredibly fancy hotel and not worry about how much it costs.

Dye my hair blonde. (even if it's only for a week)

Drink afternoon tea in London while looking at Buckingham Palace.

Coach a volleyball team.

Go on an African safari.

Go to every Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C.

Participate in a game of cricket.

See a president be sworn in.

Learn to drive a stick.

They are indeed random, but oddly, equally important. I think another one should
say 'Get out of Yucca Valley (again)'.

And keeping with the complete randomness, a pic of NYC. It's me walking on the Brooklyn Bridge taking a pic of a couple of my friends (the two in black directly in front of me). The old dude to the left isn't one of them. Let's call him Bruce. All right, so Bruce took the afternoon off work at the stock exchange downtown to fetch some lunch. See, his thought process is that if he walks across the bridge, then he's worked off enough calories to enjoy a large slice of Brooklyn pizza. You go Bruce.

We won't judge you because of the shirt you're wearing. Okay, maybe we will. Hon, light blue doesn't go with your skin color. Tomorrow morning when you wake up, ask your wife which color looks best. Guaranteed she won't say light blue. And maybe you'll get that promotion you've been after at the exchange.

Or maybe, you'll just eat your pizza, take the subway to your tiny apartment and open your closet to only reveal light blue shirts. Hey, we all can't be perfect.

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  1. Poor Bruce. He looks cranky. Maybe his pizza didn't have pepperoni on it like he wanted it to.

    You should check out this blog- it is RANDOM and really funny!