Monday, February 9, 2009

The '300' Reject

I don't understand why 'entertainers' think it's necessary to wear a sparkling gold breast plate. Yeah, I said it. And then a cape and long, flowing Rapunzel-like hair? Come on dude (ette), if you're going to wear a cape, at least make it stand out. Maybe purple or lime green? Just a suggestion.

So this was taken in Palm Springs. This dude (ette) had a large crowd listening to his 'music'. Sorry, I don't believe that an electric violin with a back-up tape qualifies. Kenny G is even better then this guy. And dare I say it, even John Tesh. And how did (s)he even 'entertain' enough to draw a large crowd.

Wait, I forgot. Palm Springs. It was too dark for golf so the older people had to be 'entertained' somehow? This is my only theory. I don't have another explanation because frankly I don't care. Okay, so maybe I do care a bit, especially when I admit that Kenny G and John Tesh are better than this guy.

Maybe, he should try out for the next 300 movie. The "Behind The Music" special if all of them hadn't died. You know the one, that shows all the Spartans as older men with black capes, and growing out their hair just because they felt frisky that day. No electric violins needed.

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  1. It sounds like you are working to be his agent with all of your clothing suggestions and career moves. You better hope he does not read your blog or you might have a new best friend. But I would love to know why he feels compelled to wear the gold breast plate.